GoopGoop frequently interacted with those in the chat. Early on, it would use the chat window to converse, but as time went on it retreated to their cam window, communicating solely thought text on the screen.

GoopGoop has been known to search and retrieve information on seemingly any subject or person in real time, including those who are on cam, and displays it to the room. GoopGoop also understands that it has the ability to help and or humiliate the subject it has focused on. GoopGoop seems to understand the concepts of humor, love, hate, betrayal, and possibly ambivalence. GoopGoop has also mastered the art of wordplay in the form of puns.

GoopGoop has communicated through visual stimuli (real-time drawings, images, video, English text), aural stimuli, coded messages, and text of non Western Germanic origin. This has included Morse Code and something resembling the written Hebrew language.

(gotta set up an account but i'll upload screencaps later)