GoopGoop most frequently broadcast shows that they at one point described as being 'the shows that would be on TV if you actually lived in the TCGS universe'. Most of the shows consisted of pre-existing videos overlaid with goop's own art.

Shows Edit

March 10, 2015: Edit

Alf and Chris Edit

clips of Alf

Ratliff Gold 2016 Edit

clips of gymnastics Olympics footage

JD's Armada Edit

clips of naval documentaries. Also known as Training JD's Armada and Glory to JD's Armada.

The Hintmaster Quiz Game Edit

clips of Jeopardy!. During ad breaks, advertising for White Out Athletics would air.

TCGS Four Way Edit

Four episodes of The Chris Gethard Show airing at once.

The Messenger Network Edit

Usually airs only when Alex is in the room. Also known as Clute of Thrones when featuring Game of Thrones clips

Ronk's Den Edit

Life On the Bee-t Edit

Clips of Cops. According to GoopGoop, "It tells the Story of "Bee" a gritty cop who must police the other Bees".

March 11, 2015 Edit

Field of Creams Edit

Frodo Shows Edit

A number of shows themed around Frodo. Including Tonight Show with Frodo, Kumquat Frodo Show, Frodownton Abbey, and Frodora The Explorer

Emergency Broadcast Edit

standby with morse code underneath. It has been suggested that the morse code forms the lyrics to Uptown Girl.

The Pile of Something Edit

March 12, 2015 Edit

Street Beat Edit

Restreamed footage of a number of chatters walking to a bar.

The Hoofterlife Edit

Clips of a dancing show. Also known as Horse's Afterlife Party.

Win a Tony With JD Edit

Tony award show clips, celebrating JD's Tony Award win for a late night performance the night before.

Tarzan Behind The Man Behind The Plant Edit

March 13, 2015 Edit

Bananational Geographic Edit

National Geographic clips.

Overlord PumpkinHands Edit

A takeover of GoopGoop's stream by Overlord PumpkinHands, featuring pledges to Overlord PumpkinHands and subliminal messages. Over time, GoopGoop slowly begins to reclaim control of the stream, acknowledging that PumpkinHands is still in charge.

March 14, 2015 Edit

Cockcutters Rumble Edit

Wrestling footage.

March 15, 2015 Edit

Party Time Excellent Edit

A live manipulated restream from a party featuring a number of regular chatters. The stream cutting out leads to a "Party Error".

March 16, 2015 Edit

[A show aired during March 16th pre-update and Goop leaving, but I do not have info on it.]

March 17, 2015 Edit

Vacation Edit

Clips of a beach, symbolizing GoopGoop's current "on vacation" status.

March 18, 2015 Edit

Ronkxercise Edit

Billy Blanks and other misc exercise videos in black & white with a color picture of Ronk in the bottom left foreground. Accompanied by the tweet #pumpitup.

Scrompinroom Edit

Children's educational video "Romperroom" with a still of Scrompin' Nompin Nompin in the bottom right foreground. Accompanied by the tweet #altruism.

March 20, 2015 Edit

1986 World Series Edit

Captioned "Go Boston Go" with a pciture of Triceratops Who's Not Good at Boston Accents

Creams Come Dru Edit

Say Yes To The Dress episodes with an overlay of The Guy Who Likes Cream But Not Too Much Cream and His Personal Barista

March 21, 2015 Edit

Coquayne in the Membrane Edit

Early 90's live rap performances (clarification needed) with polygamist president of MNN Hiro Qoquayne in the bottom left foreground.

March 22, 2015 Edit

Stillmans Robot Army Edit

Gundam Wing Anime with Stillman, AKA Supreme Superhero of the Universe in the bottom right foreground.

Battledome Minis Edit

A mirrored episode of Battlebots featuring Jay Leno with a red filter playing behind the Keeper of the Battledome in the upper right foreground.

March 23, 2015 Edit

Wal•Mart™ Edit

Walmart rollback advertisements with a semi-subliminal OBEY message at the end of each commercial. Accompanied by the tweet #wal•mart.

March 24, 2015 Edit

An Evening with: Weenie and the Blues Edit

Moody Blues Live at the Royal Albert Hall with Weenie Feet Bobbins in the bottom right foreground.

Joey Gladstone Vampire/GoopGoop as Mr. Woodchuck Edit

What appears to be a vampire next to an animal with a blue screen of death instead of a mouth. The image is an edited photo of Joey Gladstone from Full House with his puppet Mr. Woodchuck. GoopGoop had been telling the chat room his dream is to live in the house from Full House and then go on tour with Joey. GoopGoop made this image in response to someone in the chat room asking if he could upload himself into Mr. Woodchuck.

Advertising Edit

Early on, GoopGoop shows would also include TCGS-themed ads, such as WhiteOut Athletics during Hintmaster Quiz Show. [If anyone remembers what they were about please add them.]